Emotional & Physical Healing Through Chakra Balancing

The spirit and the body are one. Your body's chakras are like a root, blooming into the tree of consciousness. When one chakra is blocked, the soul and body suffer. Turn to Chakra Balancing Love Center for Chakra treatments. Using meditation and singing bowls, I will help restore your chakras into perfect balance. There can be no love or health without sacrifice. To achieve your desires in life, you must restore and balance your personal energy levels. Discover healing and renewed emotional and physical vigor with my assistance.

About the Seven Chakras

Knowledge is the foundation of growth. Please allow me to share my knowledge of the seven chakras with you. Each chakra represents a different concept, and is in turn represented by a distinct color.


The Seventh Chakra

The crown or seventh chakra represents the state of highest consciousness and divine connection. An imbalance may result in cynicism, a disregard for what is sacred, closed-mindedness, and the disconnection of your spirit.


The Sixth Chakra

The third eye or sixth chakra is located in the center of the forehead, between the eyebrows. It represents intuition and foresight, and it is driven by openness, imagination, and balance. An imbalance would be seen as a lack of direction and clarity.


The Fourth Chakra

The heart or fourth chakra is located in the center of the chest. It represents love and self-love, and it governs our relationships. Imbalances result in depression, difficulty maintaining relationships, and a lack of self-discipline.


The Third Chakra

The solar plexus or third chakra is located below the chest. It represents self-esteem, pleasure, willpower, and personal responsibility. An imbalance may cause low self-esteem, along with control issues, manipulative tendencies, and the misuse of power.


The Second Chakra

The sacral or second chakra is located below the naval. It represents creative and sexual energies. Imbalances in the second chakra lead to repressed creativity, sexual dysfunction, withheld intimacy, and emotional isolation.


The First Chakra

The root or first chakra is located at the base of the spine and provides the foundation on which we build our lives, representing safety, security, and stability. Imbalances in this chakra can cause anxiety, fear, and a reduction in energy.


The Fifth Chakra

The throat or fifth chakra is found in the center of the neck. It represents the ability to speak and communicate clearly and effectively. Imbalances are manifested in shyness, arrogance, and increased anxiety.

The Restoration of the Chakras

I'll start by asking for your name and birthday. As you speak, I will listen to the tone and vibrations of your voice, so that I may look into your past, present, and future. I will search through your chakras to find the negative experiences of your past. Once I have identified these core issues, I will provide a full life reading to evaluate your energy and determine if any of your chakras are blocked.

If treatment is necessary, I will use healing meditation, aromatherapy, and a singing bowl treatment to ensure proper balance among your chakras. This process will be performed over the phone. Treatment typically consists of daily 1-hour sessions over 3 to 5 days. Call me today to learn more.